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Claude Monet
The immersive Experience

“Claude Monet – The Immersive Experience” interacts with the viewer, leading him through the masterpieces and scenarios that inspired one of the most beloved painters of all time.

The visitor has the opportunity to walk through Monet’s works, thanks to an innovative 3D mapping projection system, living an exciting and extremely beautiful experience.

The multimedia exhibition is a tribute to the main founder of the Impressionist movement. Monet was in fact the painter who contributed to revolutionising the history of art through a new approach to the outdoors, aimed at capturing and making eternal moments of reality.

The immersive experience transforms every surface, from the walls to the ceiling, into art and allows visitors to enjoy the projected works in an unusual way, while sitting or lying on the ground. 

The Virtual Reality Experience offers the public a virtual journey through Monet’s time and places, using ultra-high-definition visors to explore the scenarios and situations that inspired his art. 

In the educational and interactive area, adults and children can experiment and try at creating works in the style and colours that characterised Monet.



Teatro Arcimboldi


1Aug - 4Nov






Square Meters

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