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3 good reasons to join us

1. Trend Analysis

We start with an accurate trend analysis and research on the popularity of the artist to be able to build a path that is in line with current trends.

2. Digital PR

Our exhibitions are backed by a exhaustive social media marketing strategy run internally by our PR department. Our social media strategies are S.M.A.R.T.

3. Communication

Our advertising campaign offers visibility that covers the whole territory and we use a technological language that young age groups can relate to.


Blockbuster Exhibitions

We work with mass audiences, offering highly attractive solutions and artists of international fame.


Why Invest in Next Exhibition?

Exclusive Exhibitions

Through edutainment we manage to capture audiences outside the realm of art and culture.

Younger taget groups

We use a tech language to relate to younger target groups.

Safety first

Safety first when it comes to our visitors, this allows as to guarantee continuous ticket sales and high numbers of visitors

Diverse audience

Our audience is vast and diverse, made up of many young visitors and families, non the standard museum audience.


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